The Legend of Yoro

After undergoing a spiritual awakening during wine harvest in California in 2016, CEO, Robert Haynes made a pilgrimage to Gifu, Japan to signify the start of his new life. He was adviser by his mentor and kickboxing coach to visit, where he experienced Yoro Falls’ mystic healing abilities himself. Haynes wanted to share the same feeling with the world and empower them to adapt to the ebbs and flows of everyday life by Being The Wave.

Our Purpose

We exist to empower people to take control of their health & wellness, so that they can create the tidal wave of change for a healthier, happier world.

  • Robert Haynes

    Robert Haynes is the Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Cadera Brands, where he oversees Sales, Strategy, Manufacturing, and Operations for all of Cadera Brand’s offerings. With 15 years in the food and beverage arena, he has leveraged his experience in beverage production, product development, import/export relations, product placement, buyer psychology, and distribution sales.
    Implementing his experience, entrepreneurship and love of beverage, he created Yoro in his office in New Orleans to bring to scale for production. Our goal was to allow the world to adapt to the ebbs and flows of everyday life and his personal experience with nootropics is a testament to its power.

    Robert brings his expertise in consumer goods development, sales and manufacturing, where he continues to push Cadera Brands to be an innovative Health & Wellness company of the future. With contributing his personal values of consistency, quality, and education, he has taken an aggressive stance in his studies of Eastern Medicine, which reflects in Cadera’s offerings to day.

  • Michael Olaiya

    Michael Olaiya is the Co-founder and Chief Development Officer (CDO) at Cadera Brands, Inc. Michael is responsible for overseeing Clinical Research, Product Development and the implementation of both clinical and observational studies through interdisciplinary collaborations. With over 10 years in healthcare, Michael has devoted his time towards the advancement, development and awareness of sustainable, holistic wellness products.

    Prior to co-founding Cadera, Michael served as a Market Health & Wellness Director for Walmart Co. As a company leader, he was responsible for developing external partnerships and marketing strategies that led to the largest sales growth and revenue for expanded immunizations in the Southeastern Division. Michael’s mission for Cadera Brands is to lead transformational, need-driven research that ensures the safe, efficacious and quality assurance of innovative, holistic wellness products for the future.